Thursday, August 15, 2013

Treasure Mountain

 The boys had a great week at the end of July in the Teton Mountains in Wyoming on the West side. It was beautiful. I was bummed that we weren't staying. They needed more drivers so we volunteered to drive up through Idaho and into Wyoming where Treasure Mountain Boy Scout Camp was located. Jared worked as Senior Patrol Leader and learned even more how difficult it is to herd cats...if you know what I mean.
 This was Kaleb's first time making it to Boy Scout Camp. It just never worked out before so he always missed an opportunity. He turned around to grab his backpack to hike into the campsite and it was gone! He almost freaked out. He ran up ahead and found out that someone, being helpful had loaded it onto one of the carts. So he ran back and carried other gear down the trail.
The boys had a great week and were dog tired when they returned. Of course Kirk was out of town the same week traveling for work, so the girls and I had lots to do while they were gone. I was so proud of myself, I remembered to put the trash out. That was a major accomplishment for me. We were very happy to have them home. We missed them all deeply and enjoyed all the stories that they came home with. I love to listen to my kids tell me what they did. I am so proud of them.
 This is where they stopped and left their packs. Yep, the boys are home.
Kaleb was awarded this swiss army knife by the troop by being an outstanding scout and demonstrating the oath and law through his actions.
Awesome Kaleb!
It took them a couple days to catch up on sleep.

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