Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mini Reunion

I hadn't quite thought of this as a reunion when we were planning our visit with Kathy in Idaho but it really was. Though we were missing my sister. I got thinking about how, my Dad, Mom and Aunt Carol have grown up together since my Mom was 9 years old. To think that the age that Victoria is almost, was the age that my Mom was when they moved to California from Connecticut and moved in just a couple doors up from my Dad and aunt. I have heard lots of interesting stories that she and Aunt Carol would do together.
 Aunt Carol loves to record the stories that my parents recall. They remember it all and Aunt Carol loves to document them. It drives my Dad nuts....which I think is funny. (A little quirky thing between siblings). It is all because he has to talk into a recorder. Long ago, Aunt Carol would walk around with a cassette player and a microphone. Now she has this little nifty recorder that is tiny.
 Rich and his new wife Angela came up for a visit too. It was so good to see everyone together.
 It's funny how no one appears short until they stand next to my Dad towering at 6-4.
 Kirk BBQ'd awesome "burgers", as he calls them. I love being at Kathy's. It is so peaceful and quiet. I was happy to share it with my parents.
 Kathy set Victoria up with the ice cream maker. Victoria put lots of muscle into it and made some delicious ice cream.
 Just before sunset the frogs started croaking very loudly. So Kaleb and Victoria and I set out across the field to the reservoir way over yonder. We could hear those darn frogs but do you think for a minute we would actually see one? No! They were like....right there!!!

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