Saturday, August 3, 2013

Collection Table

 We have a house full of collectors. I would often find rocks in the washing machine or pieces to a crushed matchbox car in a pocket. Like most kids, mine were always picking up fragments of nature to treasure. There is so much to see here that our nature table has literally grown.
Some have made its way back out from storage like the hummingbirds nest that a dear friend had given to us years ago. Or the snake skin that we found last fall. Most of it is new, like the robin's egg shell that we found and then half was eaten by our the window sill. Or the thistle flower that we saved with its pretty purple flower petals that went to seed and has managed to blow through the kitchen a few times. Or the curl of wood shavings that Kaleb shaved on a piece of wood while volunteering at American West Heritage Center while using vintage wood cutting tools. I love to see the treasures that are brought home. It reminds me of how incredible God's awesome creation is.

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