Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 We managed a few days camping in Smithfield Canyon. We were hoping to find some place quiet which could be difficult in July. We literally had the campground to ourselves. And it was quiet. We were so tired that there was quite a bit of napping going on here and there. Even the kids quietly hung out together talking. It was kind of wierd but pretty obvious that we were in need of a rest.
 The beauty of this campground is that we camp beside this creek. The sound of the water just muffles out the noisy part of life and washes your mind clean of the clutter. It is like what the ocean once did for us in Morro Bay long ago. When life got difficult, Kirk and I would buckle Daphne in her car seat and head for the breakwater on Morro rock watching the waves roll in and out. The creek has the same intoxicating, cleansing effect on my mind. I think Kirk's too.
 Like I said, we were all in need of a rest. I had to laugh, look at Henry. He cracks me up how he sits back on his behind. Here he is sitting on a rock like a chair. He can be such a dork. We love him.
 His head was starting to bob here. He is very relaxed. It was just a matter of time before he decided to lay down.
 I love having boys...big boys. Boys who start fire...well, we have smoke.
 Now we have fire. I also love having a hubby who cooks. Well, wait a minute, sometimes that does create a problem. We both have our opinions as to how we would cook something. Today, I didn't say a word. I was really hoping that he would wash dishes too. I know, I'm pretty lucky.
I took this picture for our great-grandchildren to see what their great-grandfather looks like before he looks like Santa Claus baking peach cobbler in a dutch oven.
 Daddy and Victoria chatting.

 Dum-da-Dummm..... We spent lots of quality time together, regrouping as a family. I love this time we have together. I managed to get some quiet time and even got caught up on sleep. It is wierd to not have a little one that you are constantly watching, especially around water. Which I could never relax when there are little ones around water. We had a wonderful time.
Isn't this a cool beetle...bug?!

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