Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tony Grove Lake

 I knew we had to visit Tony Grove Lake while my parents were here. My mother loved the wildflowers and their uniqueness from other wildflowers that we have known in the past.
 It is always beautiful when we visit. Jared rescued a dragonfly out of the water. It was drying out on his finger and then it wouldn't let go.
 Daphne and Nana were busy taking pictures of this and that. I think my Dad was back there making sure that Nana didn't roll off the trail and into the lake. That would be bad.
 Poppa always has his ways of cooling off. When we were kids he wore this felt hat that if he wasn't careful his friends would yank off his head, spin it into the air and shoot holes in it. I think back to what I was exposed to as a kid and I wonder what I would do now if my kids were exposed to the same things. Still thinking on that one. Anyway, he would get in the creek with his boots and jeans on, fill up his hat with water from a waterfall, which of course had holes in it so it looked somewhat like a colander, put it on his head..... and walk off like he did what he set out to do. Funny guy.
This little mama birdy was just an arms distance away. Daphne was practically on top of the poor thing trying to see it. We kept pointing to where it was and she continued to not see it until I took a picture of it and showed it to her on the camera. Natural camo at its best. I thought that poor bird was going to have a heart attack with how close we were. It was perfectly still.

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