Saturday, August 3, 2013

Alexander is Here!

 Alexander has been in our lives for 27 years! We had to leave him behind at Nana and Poppa's house when we moved to Utah. It was October and it was just too late in the season to transition him to a new climate. We have missed him deeply. He wasn't doing too good these past few months and my mom and I were getting a little worried about him. I was so relieved that Nana and Poppa were coming for a visit....which meant that they could bring Alex with them. The first thing that I saw when I looked in his cardboard box that he traveled in was this metallic blue heart painted on his shell. I asked my mom where the blue heart came from. She hadn't even seen it...she was saying "what blue heart?!". As soon as she saw it she recognized my sisters blue nail polish that she wears.  Kim left her mark. A blue heart. I remember when we were kids in California we would paint shapes on snails with nail polish and then watch to see where they would show up next.
It is so good to have Alex home. Since he has been here, he has managed to sneak into the house several times, and seems to be pretty happy having grass to cruise through. He even recognized his house which we built to be just like the one he had for the past 20+ years. Once again, he is stimulated by the sprinklers and comes out to socialize when anyone is in the yard.
I am happy to have him home where he belongs.
By the way, we traded the hermit crab that was dropped of with us about 6 years ago while my parents went on vacation. It was Kyles hermit crab and it never really went home. So we sent it home with my parents to give to Kyle's girlfriend. That was a long stay for such a little crab. I was happy to wave goodbye to that little thing.

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