Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our First, Four Color Process

The moment has arrived and yes....we have success!
The door has opened!
This summer has been busy with dye up to our eyeballs and silk screening. I have learned so much through repetition of what to do and lots of what NOT to do!
 We actually started this design two years ago right before we decided to move out of state. I had only gotton two screens burned and were waiting for more screens to come on order to burn the next two. So all this time we had only two screens of this cute jellyfish. We were worried that the artwork was on the computer that had been stolen and were overjoyed when Kirk miraculously found the other two transparencies of the art work.  We were very excited.
 It was pretty cool to see these watercolor jellyfish that Kaleb and I had painted a couple years ago. To actually see it in print. I guess now we will see how it sells at Farmer's Market. Even if it doesn't sell we are still progressing forward with the process. Silk Screening is a process. The tie dye part of the business is definately a quicker sale. We are eager to see where God is leading us in all this.

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