Thursday, August 21, 2008

Custer State Park, South Dakota

We had the greatest time camping. Last year when we camped in Yellowstone, Victoria was only 2 at the time. She had heard the word "Park" in "State Park" and was looking every where for the slide. She kept wanting to know where the "Park" was. So when I made reservations I noticed that the Stockade campground not only had SHOWERS, but had a playground. Major plus for a 3 year old. It almost didn't feel like camping. Shower in the on the playground after breakfast. And it was just down the hill right next to our campsite so the kids would be off playing in the trees making up some story. They had a great time. There was a huge open field that made a great place to run the dog and wear him out. Of course he was on an extra long leash for this. Most often the kids couldn't keep up with him so he would get yanked back. I thought dogs were supposed to learn how far they can run off without being yanked. I don't think Henry has learned yet.

Everywhere is South Dakota is green with tall grass and wildflowers that I hadn't seen before only in books. And they bail their hay in rolls not retectangular bails. Everywhere we went there were these round bails of hay.

Every day we had different weather. Sometimes it was hot, chilly, rainy in the morning, clearing in the afternoon. We had several thunder storms. Which always sounds more amplified in a tent trailer. Though I am happy to say we always stayed dry. No leaks. Which is a major improvement to all the years of tent camping that we have done. We always left drenched from head to toe. Now we camp in luxury.

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Katherine said...

That would freak me out having that Bison coming right at me! I love your picture of the hay, you are a good photographer. Love you