Monday, August 25, 2008

We're going home

Here is our new home. Just kidding. We made a stop in Bodie, Calif. An old Ghost town. American History at your finger tips. I came here as a child and remember walking around looking in the windows at all the old furniture left behind. This is an iron door to the vault of a bank owned by Herbert Hoovers brother. The only thing standing is the vault. The bank supposedly burned down. Look at all the details.Kirk really wanted to get a picture of me and kids on the door step of the school house. There were still desks in it and books. I would have loved to go inside and open up cupboards and books and see what else is behind closed doors.

Isn't this a neat piece of tin punch. I love stuff like this. I love having a digital camera to just take tons of pictures like this. This is kind of funny. Henry got hot. We had gotton there really early, almost 9 am, but it was starting to warm up. Jared went to walk away and he heard and felt this dragging sound. He turned around to see that he was dragging the dog along the ground by the leash. Oops. The dog wouldn't move. He was not getting up. I think he was saying I can't move another inch. We gave him some cool water and that motivated him to atleast complete our visit. He took a good nap in the van after that.


Katherine said...

That is funny about Henry. What a good little dog. I could picture Kaleb draging him in the dirt and Henry being to exhausted to get up.

Carol said...

I love digital cameras too and blogging. Henry is a great dog. I am glad he let you know he was hot and tired. I didn't get a picture of him and Duke playing together, I wish I had.

Carol said...

I forgot to mention the wonderful buildings and that safe, is awesome. Yes, I would have gone inside to look around too, to look at the books and stuff.