Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jared Completes his Tenderfoot

Jared only needed to complete his knot requirement to be a Tenderfoot in Boyscouts. Of course he "only" needed to do two half hitches and a
taut line hitch to meet the requirement. So being a true "Dad" he had Jared doing all of these other knots that I don't even think have names. I think he felt his son needed to have the Headley Technique for Knot Tying handed down to the next generation. Now he too can secure anything in the bed of a truck without losing it on the highway. Needless to say, Jared is now a Tenderfoot and eagerly working towards Second Class. When he went to shake his Dad's hand he was slipped a cool pocket knife that every Boyscout should have. Now Mom needs only to worry about him slicing through his hand. But Dad assured me that "it has a lock-back, he'll be okay". It is my right to worry.

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Katherine said...

Way to go Jared! That is cool and you even have your own pocket knife. Every boy should have a pocket knife. Pam, if he cuts himself I bet he wouldn't do it twice. Besides every boy should have a couple of scars to show off.