Sunday, August 24, 2008

Panning for Gold

There was so much to do. Not only did we have time to kick back and relax but the Visitor Center had some really cool things to do. One of them was panning for Gold. We didn't find any. Bummer. There was plenty of white and rose quartz. And lots of Micah. It was fun inspite of not finding any gold. The ranger gave some of the history of the area and how there was a rush of prospectors looking for gold in the Black Hills.Kaleb did his best to mix the sediment throughly with water. You would have thought he was mixing for a mud bath or something. Kaleb kept asking me where his swimsuit was, if we were going back to camp, are we coming back to the creek... I knew what he was asking but pretended to not know. I knew he was just dying to go swimming. He is like that. He loves to play in water. And that creek was definately inviting. Even Henry couldn't keep himself out. So we were all done and about to leave and everyone had their backs turned to the creek. Supposedly Kaleb fell in. Yeah. Uh huh. I know better than to believe that one. He can't just go up to his knees in water. It kills him. It was kind of funny because he had to slosh around in his wet clothes for a couple hours. Atleast he was cool.

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Katherine said...

I remember panning for gold when I was a little girl. I remember going tubing down the Jedadiah Smith River and always seeing people panning along the river banks.