Sunday, August 24, 2008

Future Horse Whisperer

Here is Daphne the Horse Lover of the family. Well we all like horses but Daphne can name the breed, origin, or correct color name at any given time. She loves to stump Kirk. I think she enjoys knowing something that he doesn't. Except he will come up with some completely off the wall answer to any of her quiz questions. So who really knows what he does or doesn't know. Anyway, we were eating lunch at Badger Hole after touring this old cabin and a small hike and three people ride up on their horses. So naturally Kirk strikes up a conversation with them to find out that they trailered these horses from Georgia to South Dakota to ride the trails. Sounds really Cool to me. The man riding "Crayola" found out that Daphne loves horses but doesn't own one so he started asking if she has ever had riding lessons. She has actually had about 9 months of riding lessons so he let her walk Crayola around in the area that we were having lunch. Really nice guy! He made her day!

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Katherine said...

Wind was just like Daphne. He lived for horses. We were so excited to give him his own horse for Christmas when he was 12. You never saw a boy so happy. I hope some day that Daphne will have her own horse.