Monday, August 25, 2008

Perler Bead Crazy!

Daphne managed to stash away her collection of perler beads in the van. It was a big hit with everyone. They designed everything from horses to bears to flowers. Any spare time was spent perler beading. After we left, Grandma took Tamar and Nahlia to Reno and bought their own collection. They had fun.


Katherine said...

Summer camping crafts are the best. My children loved making those beaded things that your mother brought to our Zion Reunion. They liked it so much they took all the left overs!!!

Carol said...

Daphne is so darn smart. She thinks of such fun things to do. She is so artistic. I can't find the picture that I took of the picture she drew for Rich. I wanted to put it on my blog. I will go over to Rich's house and take another picture of her picture. It was so perfect...I hate these word verification things, don't you?