Monday, August 25, 2008

The Stonehocker critters

Here is Blake with their Boa named Anastasia. Last year when we saw it it was tiny It has really grown!
Daphne and Uncle Rich chatting.

Daphne and Smokey the cat. They have two cats.
Here is Henry and Duke, a golden retriever. Duke and Henry love eachother. It was a crack up watching them. They would play with eachother for hours. Henry was on a cable so he wouldn't run off. Duke would hang out with Henry all the time and leave him to find out what was going on then come back. They rarely tired of eachother. This picture looks like Duke is laughing. I did get a series of pictures of Duke playing around with Kaleb while he was trying to put his shoe on. First Duke got his sock then ended up running off with his shoe. It was really cute.
This is their goat that literally eats everything. It is a Pack kind of goat that you can load a pack on its back. Whenever the rooster would walk past it, he would lower his head kind of like a warning that he will use his horns.


Katherine said...

Duke looks like he is laughing histericly, it makes me laugh looking at him. Daphne is so photojetic. I can hear Daphne going on in great detail about something out there on the horizon with Rich.

Carol said...

Those are great picture of the animals. And guess what? There is the picture of Duke and Henry that I wanted. Yeah. Daphne is such a great kid and so smart. It was so much fun visiting with her and the whole family.