Monday, August 25, 2008

The last leg of our vacation.

Next and last stop was California, one hour west of Reno. Of course we had to drive all the way across Nevada, but we wanted to see Grandma and Grandpa's new house in Grayeagle. Kirk spent 15 of his growing up years there in Plumas Eureka State Park because his Dad was a park ranger there during the summers. Our nieces, Tamar and Nahlia were there at the same time so we had a wonderful visit. We hadn't seen them in over a year. They have blossomed. Tamar and Jared are two weeks apart with birthdays and Nahlia is 9. And they love to talk. They are just like their Mom, Erin, Kirk's younger sister.
We hiked up to Grass Lake. Kirk and I spent our Honeymoon in this area and brought Daphne here when she was 9 months old. So it was fun to come back. Tamar is in the back and Nahlia has the yellow shorts on. We love these girls. They give me the opportunity to be a good "Aunt" to them. They crack me up with some of the things they say.
The water felt nice and cool after hiking in the heat of the sun. As you can see it didn't take Victoria very long to strip. Oh to be three.I have always liked this particular hike. There is water everywhere. This one part has water flowing out of a spring right down the path for quite a ways.


Katherine said...

That picture of Victoria is so symbolic of childhood memories, complete freedom and joy!

Carol said...

What beautiful country. Was the water cold? The girls are beautiful. Yes, to be three again..Victoria always has fun.