Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our poor tree

This is what happened during the storm we had Thursday night. We heard and felt a microburst of some kind hit the house. When I looked in the front yard our poor Jacaranda was leaning over. Of course we had to leave it all day on Friday like this because Kirk and I both had to work all day. So when I got home at almost 8 p.m. last night Kirk was already out front hooking it up to his truck with a "come along" compliments of my Dad who has every tool known to mankind. We did get it to stand up but there is a little curve in the trunk so we somehow need to try to get the base of the trunk more straight. The guy from Moonvalley Nursery only laughed when he told me "good luck" trying to stand that thing up. Gee thanks.

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Katherine said...

Wow! I hope it survives. I remember when we had a micro burst in Provo. The street turned in front of our house and the kids and I watched all of the neighbor's garbage cans slide down the street straight for our yard. Troy was in the bedroom praying that our roof would fly off. Almost every pine tree around town was blown over. It was wild.