Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Headley Family Vacation

So here we are on the best vacation ever! About to embark on the greatest adventure, see new places, meet new people, visit friends and family all along the way. At times it was difficult keeping the van on the road with gusty winds. The canoe acted like a sail at times. Of course Kirk always had great weather to drive in. Everytime it was my turn we ended up driving into a storm with minimal visibility. There is a lesson to be learned in every trial. I still don't know what that lesson was only that I was reassured that that van is solid and will drive through anything.

Our first stop was Albuquerque to visit with our friends the Askins. We finally got to meet baby Simon, as Victoria would call him, for the first time. He is a great little baby. Kirk and I kept commenting on how quiet his cry was. Considering that Kaleb (nicknamed Scream Amadala by Daphne and Jared) and Victoria could "wake the dead" with their cry.
Victoria and Erin played together great! The boys were glad because Erin finally had someone to play "School" with. I guess the boys teacher needs to inspire them a little more in that area. I will have to have a Teacher conference with her when school goes back. Traveling with a dog for the first time was becoming interesting. Henry used Uncle Paul's fish pond as a water dish, and discovered that the lily pads are not to be played with. We felt really bad even though Paul said it needed to be pruned.

Next stop Colorado Springs. Did I say that we were on our way to South Dakota for camping in Custer State Park? We visited with the Cowan's. We have known Dan and Karen since before Kirk and I were married in Calif. Karen reminded me that it has been 22 years? Their oldest Alex was at Band Camp so he had already left for the morning. Alex and Kaitlyn are the same age as Daphne and Jared. And Aiden and Karissa are 2nd and 1st grade. The kids had a great time playing with them. Their yard is completely open with wildlife walking through the common area. Deer, rabbits...Henry spotted a rabbit and bolted out the door and took off over the hill with Alex right behind. That was my biggest fear that Henry would dissappear on this trip. But Alex got him back on a leash. Henry was probably thinking life was grand during his little debut.

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Katherine said...

Great start, Pam. You have a lot more to go about that looonnnggg trip. That was funny about the canoe acting as a sail!