Monday, August 25, 2008

Dutch oven baking

Jared baked this cinamon cake with a little help from Mom and Dad. Mostly to make sure he didn't burn himself. It was really moist and tasted great! I could have eaten the whole thing. A curse of mine. This was part of some merit badge work for boyscouts. We do Lone Scouts which means that the boys don't belong to a troop. We really don't have time to fit in troop meetings so we squeeze it in here and there when we can. They still participate with the district with day camps and derby races. In the mean time we have fun doing things together.


Katherine said...

I love dutch oven cooking, it's the best. That is cool that the kids helped you cook.

Carol said...

That is so great that you do things together...and like Kathy said, I too love dutch oven cooking. Jared looks like he had fun doing it.