Monday, August 25, 2008

Next stop... Utah

Our vacation felt endless. We had a wonderful time visiting with my Aunt Carol, my Cousin Kathy and Troy and my Cousin Rich and Mary Kaye. We stayed at Rich's house and enjoyed all of the wonderful meals that Mary Kaye just whipped up in the kitchen. Kathy and I sat at the table one day and copied some delicious recipes out of Mary Kayes recipe box.
Here is my cousin Kathy. I love her. I remember writing her letters when she was in College and I was in High School. And the really cool thing is she always wrote back. She always made me feel like I was somebody. She is the reason why I am doing this blog. I feel like I have alot in common with her and I love talking with her. She has so much to share about our Heavenly Father and is a wonderful mentor to other women like me. I want to live near her so we can spend more time together. Her husband Troy is the nicest man I know beside Kirk. He is extremely artistic and is a good natured kind of guy. Kirk really enjoys visiting with him.
They have four beautiful children that are almost all grown up. I was commenting on how I will be 56 years old when Victoria graduates from High School (yikes). Kathy reminded me that when she was my age her youngest, Blue, was 12! Gee thanks Kathy. Their youngest,Blue and Daphne are the same age, by two months. They are 16 this year!
This is my cousin Rich. He too is my favorite cousin. Sorry Kath. I can have two. Daphne thinks he is the funniest guy. She likes listening to the funny stories from our childhood. He is an incredible Dad and husband to Mary Kaye. He is very easy going and very artistically talented. He owns his own plumbing business called Snappy Plumbing and drew all the graphics for it. I will have to find a picture of his truck. Victoria likes to flirt with him. He and Mary Kaye are so loving toward my kids. They will just sit and listen to Daphne giving her all their attention. The boys love hanging out with their boys. Jared and their youngest Luke are the same age, 12. They have two already on their own, Kolbie and Levi. Then 3 at home, Blake, Chad and Luke. They are all great boys. Very kind and include my guys in everything.Here is Mary Kaye with Daphne. She motivates me to actually cook better meals. I wouldn't say I am a bad cook, I just don't plan very well and fall back onto the same thing every week. And I am not one to try too many new recipes. All of her recipes are good. Already tried and successful. I really enjoy who she is and her and Rich's love for our Lord. It is wonderful to be around people who believe.I admire my Aunt Carol for single handedly raising two kids on her own. She did an awesome job. She is a do-it-yourselfer. Anything that needs to be done she figures it out. Daphne and I made her this tye dye shirt which she proudly wore. She is my Dad's older sister. She and my Mom have been friends since my Mom was 9 years old. They have alot of history together. They have done some crazy things together too. Which I will leave out. I love my Aunt. When I was little she taught me this Knock Knock joke. Knock Knock.....who's there......olive.......olive who.......Ol love you.

Here are the boys at this new waterpark in Payson Utah. in the back is Jared, Chad, Blue, Blake then Kaleb and Luke. A Tori Sandwich.Kathy and Rich got me to go down this slide with them. (Jared is the one in the picture) I have never been down a waterslide before. Mostly because anytime we were at a waterpark I was the only adult with the kids so I have always had a little one on my hip. Kirk was shocked that I did it. It was actually fun. I got water up my nose which I absolutely hate but it was fun. I think Kathy had pure enjoyment knowing that that was my first time. I did manage to avoid the other slide that was pretty much straight down. I didn't want to have to rearrange my bathing suit if you know what I mean. We had a great time floating around the lazy river talking.


Katherine said...

This is my favorite post. You are so sweet. I have always felt closest to you. You and I would have so much fun together. Pam you are a wonderful "somebody". I had always admired and was impressed that you went to nursing school. Pam, you and Kirk have a beautiful family and you try so hard to raise them with correct princples. I am so sorry that so many years had gone by without us being in contact. You work so hard at having balance in your life through healing, understanding and growth.I love you so much Pam.

Carol said...

What great pictures and beautiful comments. I am so glad that I attended your graduation from nursing school. I still have all the stuff in my scrap book from your graduation. I love that you and Kathy and Rich are such good friends. Oh, and me too....