Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cutie Patooties

These are my two babies. I can't help myself. Kaleb is so loving to his baby sister. Sometimes too much. He has a tendancy to smother. This is just a great picture. We were at the Ranger Station in the Wildlife Loop of Custer Park. Inside, they had a metal board on the wall with the map of the Wildlife Loop painted on it. This is where they moved the Bison magnet to inform people of where the herd had moved to that day. Victoria just saw her favorite animal stuck to the wall and was walking the bison all over the board. By the time I noticed(oops) she had left it not where she first saw it. So we had to find out from the Ranger where exactly is the Bison herd so we could replace the magnet. The boys were mortified because she had moved the magnet. They are too serious sometimes.

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Katherine said...

These are the cutest pictures. You have beautiful children.